30 Miles on Foot

Last week, with a trusty Sachmel by my side, I ventured to run 30 miles on the day I turned 30 years old. In return for the effort, I gained an immense sense of satisfaction along with 25.5 miles of data collected by my Garmin Forerunner. Unfortunately, the battery only lasted 85% of the run. Still, the data along with Garmin’s website Garmin Connect delivers some really cool features to break down and analyze the run. You can click the graphic below to see the ‘player’ that goes through the run mile by mile.

So, the Columbia Trail in Northern New Jersey is an old converted rail trail. We started in Bartley at the Northern most trailhead around 5:15AM. It was dark. Sachmel’s headlamp helped us out for the first 4 miles until sunlight made the path visible. We ran south, talking about everything and anything we could think of; old friends, new babies, adapting to new lives. Soon enough we hit the 15 mile mark (Goodman St.) said the street sign where we turned. At mile 22, Sachmel spoke the last words he would for the run “Frank I am going to be honest, I’m not feeling so good.” At mile 23, I made a statement that would be completely contradicted in exactly 4 miles “I’m feeling great.” Sure, the last three miles were tough… but that’s why we were out there. To take on a challenge we’d never attempted.

Even though the Garmin died at 25.5, it still showed that the 15 out was downhill and 15 back was uphill. The watch wasn’t stopped for pee breaks, so average miles were probably close to right under 7 minute pace (rather than the 7:28 according to watch). Could be better, could be worse. At 9:30AM we finished back at the car. 3 hours 15 minutes. Great way to start a new decade. Thanks for the company Sachmel, thanks for the support and breakfast Jess.

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