It’s Almost Certainly Not Lyme Disease

Preparing to learnSeth Godin said reading helps us prepare to learn, experience helps us actually learn. For years, I’ve read articles and did tutorials on applying bayesian logic to medical tests. The main [thinking] point of these pedagogical exercises, usually, is that tests aren’t 100% accurate and depending upon their level of accuracy… their results … [Read more…]

Tutorial: How to use prediction markets and inflation data to practice data-driven decision-making

If you are an analyst or an analytical leader, how do you practice data-driven decision making? One low-cost way is to use prediction markets. They give you a concrete target and a natural feedback mechanism when the market resolves. This tutorial explores that process. There is an open prediction market on based on July … [Read more…]

What is my Max Heart Rate?

There are several heuristics that can give me an indication of max heart rate. These give me a good starting point, but heuristics are imprecise. Additionally, I have about 800+ historical data points from my Garmin that report max heart rate on my runs. This is highly specific to me which is great, but IOT … [Read more…]

Coaching Framework

Originally posted on LinkedIn in June 2021Drawing from some experience, I imagine many introductory life coaching conversations start off like this: “tell me about yourself, what are you looking to get from this engagement?” Typically, the answer is “I’m not sure, but I know I want to get better at everything.” That creates a lot … [Read more…]