It’s Almost Certainly Not Lyme Disease

Preparing to learnSeth Godin said reading helps us prepare to learn, experience helps us actually learn. For years, I’ve read articles and did tutorials on applying bayesian logic to medical tests. The main [thinking] point of these pedagogical exercises, usually, is that tests aren’t 100% accurate and depending upon their level of accuracy… their results … [Read more…]

What is my Max Heart Rate?

There are several heuristics that can give me an indication of max heart rate. These give me a good starting point, but heuristics are imprecise. Additionally, I have about 800+ historical data points from my Garmin that report max heart rate on my runs. This is highly specific to me which is great, but IOT … [Read more…]

Hands-On Supply Chain with Machine Learning

I recently finished the third course in MIT’s Supply Chain MicroMasters program, Supply Chain Design, hosted on their EdX platform. I scored an 86% on the final exam with an overall grade of ‘B’ for the class (which I expect will end up being average). Considering time constraints with work (especially working in supply chain … [Read more…]

Text-Mining Politeness in Emails

Who is the most polite person you work with and how do you quantify that answer?For me, it’s a female colleague who works in the West Coast Finance department. Her emails to me are chock full of appreciative words such as…The occurrence of phrases such as ‘thanks’, ‘thank you’, and ‘please’ in her emails to … [Read more…]